Quality of Management

CBH Care is the “go-to” resource for people seeking mental health treatment services and support. We provide the highest quality wrap-around care and advocacy on an individualized basis to promote wellness in every area of a person’s life, including physical and social services when suitable. Our goal is to empower the consumer to integrate with the community and serve a valued role as a friend, family member, neighbor or employee.

Our Research Committee is involved in following Quality Improvement Initiatives each year to ensure that these "Best Practices" are being utilized:

  • Corporate Quality Assurance Annual Development Planning
  • Quality Indicator program and Data Collection
  • Consumer Satisfaction Surveying
  • Incident Report Trend Analysis Report
  • MHCA Benchmarking Survey (In development)
  • NJAMHA Benchmarking Survey (In development)
  • Utilization Review Committee
  • Consumer Quality Council Meetings
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Training
  • Continuing Education Committee
  • Corporate Compliance Program Corporate Research Committee (In development)

It’s not enough for CBH Care to be a leader in the delivery of behavioral and mental health care and community-based services. Consumers, families and customers count on us to follow through with comprehensive care that goes above and beyond conventional expectations. We promise to continually strive to improve our value to our consumers by adapting our mental health services and capabilities to the needs of the community as they change over time.