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CBH Care's Wellness and Support Center Provides Urgent Care for Individuals Experiencing Mental Health Crises

CBH Care, the North Jersey-based community mental and behavioral health service that provides assistance to some 200 outpatient consumers every day, operates an emergency wellness center to assist hundreds of people when they experience a dangerous mental health crisis. The Westwood based center provides intake and counseling within 48 hours of an initial assessment. The center also provides counseling services and prescribers are available on-site for a psychiatric evaluation and to prescribe medication as needed. These critical programs are being recognized by local community leaders as a lifeline for residents in their time of need.

“CBH Care’s Wellness Center is a well-known and well respected service in Westwood,” said Westwood Mayor John Birkner. “I think, due to a general lack of information about mental healthcare, many communities worry about having mental health clinics in their backyard, but everyone I know in Westwood sees CBH Care and the Wellness Center as a great asset for our community. We are a Stigma Free community and having an advocacy organization like CBH Care here allows us to spread important information on mental wellness and also to provide accessible care to residents in need.”

“Preventing, or helping to head off mental health crises is key to the ongoing success of millions of Americans dealing with mental health disorders,” said CBH Care Executive Director Sue Devlin. “Our Wellness and Support Center has counselors onsite to provide therapy and case management for up to 30 days, and then help link to appropriate outpatient services. We have been operating this center since 2013, and it is a service we are proud to offer to individuals 18 and older with a diagnosable mental illness to keep them and their families moving forward.”

The Wellness Center is located at 569 Broadway in Westwood and professionals can be reached at 201-957-1800. The center has rapid implementation teams with dedicated staff who set patients up for success after their time in the center and outpatient settings. These specialists are also located in CBH Care’s Hackensack and Lyndhurst offices, as well as in the Bergen County Human Services Center at 120 South River Street, Hackensack, NJ, to ensure access to people throughout the county.

To schedule an appointment with any other CBH Care program or get assistance with medical needs, residents are encouraged to call the confidential Access Center 201-646-0195.