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CBH Care Provides Mental Health First Aid Training for Carlstadt Borough Employees

This past Thursday and Friday, CBH Care leadership provided extensive Mental Health First Aid (MFHA) training to Borough of Carlstadt employees. MFHA, an initiative embraced by the National Council for Behavioral Health and Bergen County, provides individuals with the skills needed to assist a person during a mental health crisis. These eight hour training sessions can be done in one or two days, based on client needs.

“We are thrilled that across the country, more individuals, businesses, schools and agencies are placing a renewed emphasis on mental health, which is equally as important to a person’s long-term health and physical wellness,” said CBH Care Executive Director Sue Devlin. “In addition to our many outpatient programs to help children, adults and senior citizens manage mental and behavioral health needs, we are proud to provide training for municipalities, government agencies, non-profits, school districts, and beyond. Carlstadt has been a great partner and it is encouraging to see them invest in the wellness of their staff, who can in turn share that knowledge with others.”

CBH Care previously led an MFHA training session for Carlstadt Borough employees in September. CBH Care also offers training in Stress & Anxiety Management and the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA). Originally created by Howard Glasser in 1992, NHA is being successfully implemented through families, classrooms, caregivers, health care professionals, social workers, and criminal justice organizations that are seeking successful, early intervention techniques. 

To schedule a training with CBH Care, contact Nicole Chiarello, Director of Development, at 201-775-6349 or