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A Letter From Our Executive Director About COVID-19

Dear Friends,

In challenging times such as these, we know the importance of banding together and of taking care of one another. As we move along in the uncharted territory of the COVID-19 outbreak, we must remain vigilant in our attention to the importance of mental health. Many people are being deeply impacted by this unprecedented illness and are experiencing concern and anxiety.

While we must now practice social distancing in a physical sense to help contain the spread of illness, it is vital that we maintain the critical network of support that our vulnerable population needs. Many of the individuals we serve already experience social isolation. At CBH Care, we remain deeply committed to providing the support that they need. We will continue our mission of acceptance, care and treatment. We will follow the guidelines set forth by county, state and federal authorities, but we will continue to care for our consumers, always remembering they are the reason we do the important work we do.

In order to ensure the health and safety of our consumers and staff, we have begun to temporarily suspend programs such as adult partial care, which serves our chronically mentally ill adult population as well as New Directions and Checkers, our therapeutic after school programs for adolescents. Our GPC program, which works with the predominantly older population, was temporarily suspended previously. Our OPD will be shortly using tele health services. Our residential programs will no longer be going on outings and we will continue to use our creativity to keep our consumers engaged while providing a safe environment. Our outreach services will continue to work with a fragile population but will take more precautions to ensure their own safety as well as the consumers they are working with.

Be assured that it is with everyone’s health and well-being that we will move forward. We will get through these difficult times and we will be stronger than we were before.

We wish you and your families good health.

Sue Devlin, Executive Director, CBH Care