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Consumer Survey Shows CBH Care Demonstrating Remarkable Satisfaction in Wellness Program

CBH Care is announcing the results of its Early Intervention Support Services (EISS) yearly report for its Wellness & Support Center, which provides Bergen County residents with urgent care and early intervention mental health support services. The findings show the program has demonstrated remarkable success and has been extremely well-received by the community. According to the data, 97% of patients would recommend CBH’s services to a family or friend, 87% said that this program improved their life, and 86% said that they feel better now that they have started this program.

“Our Wellness Center has consistently yielded successful results for our consumers because of the dedicated mental health professionals on our team,” said CBH Care Executive Director Sue Devlin. ”The annual report demonstrates this through high consumer satisfaction scores, improvement in symptoms after treatment and other relevant benchmarks. We want to show the community that if you need help, CBH Care is here for you and our program works.”

CBH Care’s Wellness Program offers access to short term and recovery oriented crisis intervention and also provides stabilization services for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. At the end of treatment consumers complete a satisfaction survey. Respondents are asked a series of questions asking how satisfied they were with a particular aspect of their treatment at CBH Care. 

The survey also includes a written response to the following prompt - “Please describe how the program has improved your life”. Some of the responses included: 

“I spent a long time being scared to talk about mental health. Being a Hispanic male we never discussed mental illnesses growing up. It was a topic that was Taboo, the solution would just be that life is hard and not easy that we just suck it up and keep moving. The staff at CBH Care really helped feel comfortable with seeking help”

“I was so relieved there was a program like this available. I had spent two weeks calling doctor's office and getting no response. Had I known the Wellness Center existed I would have started coming here sooner. THANK YOU for ALL that you guys do!”

Anyone in need of mental health services can contact CBH Care directly. For wellness services, dial 201-957-1800. Access all other CBH Care services by calling 201-646-0195. Callers will quickly be connected to a licensed professional.