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Devon’s Story

Devon entered the CBH Care’s KARE (Kearny Adolescent Residential Experience) program at age 16 due to severe depression and family issues. She had difficulty expressing herself in a positive way and used drugs and alcohol to numb her feelings, which often led to her engaging in impulsive and dangerous behaviors. Her poor judgement often compromised her safety and caused a great deal of concern for those around her.

When she arrived at KARE, she was guarded and resistant to treatment. With time, she was able to build positive relationships with her peers and staff and set personal goals for herself. The more she began to open up and trust the process of healing. She was able to understand that a great deal of her behaviors stemmed from unresolved trauma from her childhood. Once she was able to recognize this, her communication, self-esteem and trust of others improved greatly. Her family was able to see her progress and Devon became focused on building her family relationships; returning home became her main goal. After a year at KARE, Devon made tremendous progress and was ready to reintegrate back into her family, her school, and her social relationships. She had learned the tools she needed to move forward on her journey.

Today, Devon is a thriving 26-year-old woman. She obtained her Med Tech certificate and is working full time in an area hospital. She lives on her own and often keeps in touch with KARE staff (and residents) to share news about all of her triumphs and how far she has come.

Her mom, who developed a relationship with the KARE staff, often emails to keep them updated on the goings on of Devon and their family. They made wonderful and lasting connections with the KARE program and feel thankful to have been a part of it.