Behavioral Health Programs

CBH Care Wellness & Support Center provides Bergen County residents with urgent care and early intervention mental health support services. It offers access to short term and recovery oriented crisis intervention and also provides stabilization services for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. Telehealth services are available in order to quickly and conveniently connect those in need with providers who can help Check out our specific programs listed below.

Urgent Care / Crisis Intervention
If you find yourself in the middle of a mental health crisis, we can help. Urgent Care and Crisis Intervention may be the right option for you. CBH Care Wellness & Support Center provides Bergen County residents with urgent care and early crisis intervention mental health support services.

Counseling / Outpatient
Counseling and Outpatient services can help promote emotional well-being. Our counseling services assist individuals in identifying the source of their life challenges and developing an effective solution-based approach to resolving their emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Partial Care / Recovery
Adult Partial Care provides intensive intervention in a structured setting for people over 18 years old who have a psychiatric disability, a history of psychiatric hospitalization or are at risk of being hospitalized.

Adolescent Services
Children and adolescents go through changes rapidly, which can cause a variety of obstacles that they could be struggling to process. That’s why CBH Care offers individually-tailored therapeutic programs for children and adolescents. Our adolescent services are just as unique as your child or teen.

Adult Residential Programs – Bergen County
CBH Care's Community Support Services offers safe and supportive housing for people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and have demonstrated an ability to return to the community and live independently with individualized support services. Adult Residential Services offers innovative mental health rehabilitation and housing options for individuals who are diagnosed with a mental illness who are unable to live independently.

Adult Residential Programs – Morris County
The Partnership Program is designed to meet the intensive service needs of individuals discharged into the community from New Jersey’s state psychiatric hospitals. The CHAMP Program provides residential treatment services for people who are diagnosed with a chronic mental illness.

Community Programs
CBH Care now offers trainings and workshops to help organizations, schools, workplaces and community groups learn how to provide initial help and support to individuals who may be developing a mental health or substance abuse problem, or experiencing a crisis.