Adult Residential Programs – Morris County

Partnership Program


The Partnership Program is designed to meet the intensive service needs of individuals discharged into the community from New Jersey’s state psychiatric hospitals.


  • Assists mentally ill consumers in their transition from hospitalization back into the community
  • A+ Level – 24 / 7 support and supervision in order for the consumer to remain stable in the community
  • Located on the grounds of Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital


Partnership’s on-site inter-disciplinary team includes an on-site psychiatrist, primary care physician, an advance practice nurse; licensed social workers; mental health professionals; behavioral health counselors;  dietitian; benefits counselor; residence managers; art therapist; and home health aides.

Program Specifics:

  • Individually tailored treatment plans
  • Intensive personal care services
  • Medication monitoring
  • Nutritional assessments
  • Recreational outings
  • Family support and education
  • Transportation to medical appointments, day programs, and 12 Step Programs

Eligibility Criteria

  • Currently receiving care at one of New Jersey’s State Psychiatric Hospitals (Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital patients usually given priority admission)
  • Effected by Axis I psychiatric diagnosis (primary)
  • May also be effected by an addiction history