Community Programs

Suicide Awareness
Learn how to recognize the warning signs of suicide through CBH Care's Suicide Awareness workshop, which also spreads the message that it is okay to seek help and shines an important light on mental illness.

Stress & Anxiety Workshop
During CBH Care's Stress & Anxiety workshop, adolescents will learn to maximize positive coping techniques when dealing with anxiety and stress—and minimize negative coping strategies.

Mindfulness & Wellness Workshop
Relieve stress and improve focus through CBH Care's Mindfulness Wellness workshop. Add simple habits to your routine that can be used to enhance your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Mental Health First Aid Training
CBH Care offers Mental Health First Aid Training Workshops to help organizations, schools, workplaces and community groups learn how to provide initial help and support to individuals who may be developing a mental health or substance abuse problem, or experiencing a crisis.

To learn more about our community programs, please contact Nikki Chiarello at CBH Care (201) 775-6349.